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Care of Area Rugs in 
Your Wisconsin Home


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Rug Maintenance and 
Cleaning in Milwaukee

Area rugs are an investment in your Milwaukee home, needing to be maintained and cared for to last many years under constant foot traffic. Proper area rug cleaning from a reputable Milwaukee dry cleaner helps your rugs and floor coverings look great for years longer than rugs which are not professionally cleaned. Area rugs bring warmth and comfort to your Milwaukee or Waukesha home.

It's a truth of home ownership in Wisconsin. If you're going to buy area rugs as a solution for the way you live, you owe them the same time and attention as the other investments you've made in your Waukesha home. So check out the following advice and make your investment in your area rugs lasts!

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Tips to 
Spot Cleaning Area Rugs

A water spill should be dried immediately with a hairdryer set on a warm temperature. Try to dry both sides of your area rug simultaneously to avoid trapped moisture. In case of a soft drink or alcohol spill, apply salt or baking soda to the spot for a few minutes to absorb the color of the drink. For a pet stain, apply a small amount of vinegar to neutralize the area. Blot until the rug is completely dry. Then vacuum off the salt or baking soda.

After vacuuming the area rug, use a wet towel to gently wipe the stain in the direction of the nap (the direction the pile faces). Take it to the most convenient Martinizing Cleaners or arrange for pick-up & delivery laundry service as soon as possible to ensure the spot is completely cleaned.

Please Walk On Your Area Rugs

It's important you understand while a handmade rug is a work of art, it's still made to be used and walked on. Avoiding walking on your new area rug is like keeping a new car locked up in the garage, un-driven. With usage, as the top layers of pile (in most cases wool) break, the pile looks shinier and smoother, and with light exposure the colors look more harmonious.

Meanwhile, take the following few easy steps to make sure your rug ages gracefully, naturally and beautifully.

Vacuum Area Rugs Regularly & Turn For Even Wear

Rotate your area rug 180 degrees every few months, or every year, depending on traffic patterns. Rotation is necessary for two reasons. First, all parts of your area rug should be exposed to light equally so the colors fade evenly. When colors are exposed to the sun evenly, they become harmonious and the rug ages nicely, but if different parts of the rug receive unequal amounts of sun exposure, over time, one side might look over faded and one side too bright. Second, the distribution of foot traffic. All parts of the area rug should be exposed to an equal amount of traffic so the pile wears evenly.

Environmentally Friendly
Rug Pads

After cleaning don't put your rugs back onto the old dirty pads! Martinizing can provide you with new, eco-friendly padding! Click here for information about the Eco Premium Pad and how to purchase.

  • Our new eco-premium is also a green label certified environmentally safe product
  • 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and 100% non-allergenic
  • Anti-microbial to prevent mold, mildew and odor causing bacteria
  • Closed cell technology prevents spills and pet accidents from soaking through to ruin your carpet or floor
  • Synthetic felt with ribbed backing
  • A slightly lighter feel is great for rugs over carpet
  • Lifetime warranty*
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Always Get Your Area Rug 
Cleaned By Professional Dry Cleaning Experts

It is recommended you have your area rug cleaned by a professional at least every 2 to 3 years depending on the amount of traffic on the rug. It is important to clean your area rug professionally because as it is used, dust, dirt and broken fiber are ground into the rug beyond the reach of conventional vacuum cleaners. Professional area rug cleaning thoroughly removes the abrasive particles which degrade the structural integrity of the rug and cause it to look dingy.

Martinizing Cleaners of Waukesha and Milwaukee can even restore fire and smoke damaged area rugs to their previous condition. Extending the life of your area rug with professional area rug cleaning is an investment which easily pays for itself with the extended years of use you will experience with your area rug.

*Warranty applies to the original purchaser only and proof-of-purchase is required.

Find a Wisconsin Martinizing Cleaners location on your way right now or request regular pick-up and delivery service for all your laundry needs or for cleaning of your area rug.