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Westerville's Future of
Garment Care™

Martinizing Westerville, OH - Polaris Pkwy

528 Polaris Parkway

Westerville, OH 43082

Hours of Operation

Monday: 7AM-7PM

Tuesday: 7AM-7PM

Wednesday: 7AM-7PM

Thursday: 7AM-7PM

Friday: 7AM-7PM

Saturday: 9AM-5PM

Sunday: Closed

About The Owner, Ryan Hames

My educational and professional background is rooted in a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, a discipline that has equipped me with a solid foundation in problem-solving and analytical thinking.

In 2004, I ventured into the world of franchising. The decision to make this transition was driven by a deep-seated motivation that has always been a part of me: entrepreneurship. My journey as a franchise owner has deep roots in my family's history. In 1996, my family laid the foundation for Martinizing in Columbus, creating a legacy that would ultimately shape my own path in the industry. This early exposure and experience within the Martinizing network provided me with invaluable insights into the business and its potential for growth.

Choosing the location for my franchise was a deliberate decision, driven by the age-old adage of "location, location, location." I wanted to establish a business in my hometown, forging a meaningful connection with the community I hold dear. Westerville holds a special place in my heart, and I saw the opportunity to contribute to its growth and serve its residents.

When it comes to local favorites, Yabo's Tacos and The Old Bag of Nails are top on my list.

Building relationships with our clients and community members has been a fulfilling part of our journey. Our client list reads like a who's who of Westerville's finest, and we take pride in developing strong connections with each and every one of them.

Every day in which we meet our clients' needs is a significant achievement in my book. Having expanded to two locations has allowed us to serve even more people, which is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Outside of my business endeavors, I'm a solid Gen X enthusiast. I enjoy movies, music, and video games. Additionally, I have a deep love for hiking, a passion that allows me to explore and appreciate the natural beauty of our surroundings.

Through Martinizing, I've had the privilege of positively impacting the community by providing stable employment opportunities and a service that many rely on daily. It's heartening to know that we can make a difference in the lives of our neighbors.

I was born and raised in Westerville, and I still call it home. Being part of the local business community has been an incredibly rewarding experience. At Martinizing, we work diligently every day to meet our clients' needs, and it's been a privilege to get to know so many wonderful people and earn their trust. Martinizing thrives because of your support, and it motivates us to continually improve. While my role may have evolved as we've grown, I encourage you to stop by when I'm at the front counter, as I would love to personally greet you and express my gratitude.

Save With Martinizing

UGG Boots

Save With Martinizing

$25 off 
Refer and Friend/ Neighbor and Save

Get your friends in on the action! Refer them to your nearest Martinizing Cleaners and you will receive $25 credit to your account and they will enjoy 25% off their first order. It's a win-win!

*Valid only at this store location. Only one per customer. Not valid on wedding gowns, leather & suede or alterations.

50% Off 
New Customers

Enjoy 50% off all dry cleaning as a new customer. Bring in all you can carry to your local store or put it in a bag for easy pickup and delivery from your front door! Valid for new customers only. (exclusions: wedding gowns, leather & suede, alterations)

*Valid only at this store location. Only one per customer. Not valid on wedding gowns, leather & suede or alterations.

20% Off 
Household Items

It's always good practice to clean your comforters a few times a year. Bring or send your comforters/blankets/quilts to us for cleaning and enjoy a peaceful slumber.

*Valid only at this store location. Only one per customer. Not valid on wedding gowns, leather & suede or alterations.

Bringing You Convenience

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Hours given back to families


Counter Service

Our professional staff is here to help you with all your garment care and cleaning needs. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about our services.

Pick Up & Delivery

Pick-up and delivery service, at home or at the office.


No more rushing to and from the cleaners. Martinizing lockers are open 24/7! The Martinizing Delivers App makes it super easy and convenient.

Some Feedback From
Our Customers

When I dropped a giant glob of makeup on my brand new alpaca wool sweater, I immediately searched reviews of dry cleaners in the Westerville area. I agree with all the other great reviews. They were friendly, kind, efficient, and saved my sweater. It looks good as new. I have other places closer I could go to, but I am happy to go a little further to get good quality service. Highly recommend!

Catherine Shekarabi

I’ve been an LA Cleaners client for 15 years but, this was my first drop/delivery experience under the new name and management. That said, it all worked flawlessly and on time with the added benefit of digital/text message confirmation to toggle on/off your dry cleaning pickups as needed. Excellent business.

Chris Williams

I'm always thankful for a drycleaner that picks up and drops off my orders!! Thats what hooked me in. It a huge bonus that they make sure to complete the task in cleaning my garments and making sure I am happy! They've now cleaned two white jackets (one all weather, one linen blazer) for me and they come back above expectations! Thank you!

Kat Miller

Always on time delivery and pickup. Never any lost items. Properly packaged with high quality hangers, and clear bagging by family member and garment type. Clothing smells fresh and clean and is properly ironed. Competitively priced. Even replaced broken buttons. If there were six stars that would be pressed too. Great job !!!

Gregory Miller

Martinizing does a great job. My items were ready within a timely manner. they email you when your items are ready and email you a receipt - no paper to carry around in your wallet only to loose. They make it very easy.

Teresa Snedeker

Martinizing Dry Cleaning did a fantastic job cleaning a leather coat of mine. It was in bad shape, including an ancient paint stain on one elbow. They got this coat cleaner than it's ever been in my lifetime. I was beyond impressed.

Noah Porter

Excellent service as always. Only concern is that the cost to launder shirts has gone up a lot since the pre-COVID days. Otherwise convenient and great service.

Chris Cape

Martinizing Cleaners does an amazing job in their perspective business. The staff are professional, they are community oriented and their work is impeccable.

James Ellis

Martinizing has always done an amazing job, they have gotten tough stains out of my dress shirts, they do it fast, and their delivery is clutch. Highly recommend.

Micah Derry

Very trustworthy, timely, efficient, and our driver is kind. I’ve used them for many years and they continually strive to improve.

Annette DiMichaelangelo