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Dry Cleaning Service

Time waits for nothing--including your stained garments. Martinizing Cleaners knows the importance of treating stains as early as possible to prevent permanent damage to clothing. Studies by the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI) proved the sooner you bring your stained garment to a professional dry cleaner, the more likely it can be removed.

Age of Stain & Probability of Removal

  • Within 24 Hours: 90% or Better
  • Within 7 Days: 79.8%
  • Within 21 Days: 53.1%

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Information About
Dry Cleaning

Something else you might not know: By attempting to remove a stain with a household stain removal remedy on certain fabrics and substances, you could be unknowingly setting the stain, making it difficult or even impossible for your professional dry cleaner to remove. At Martinizing Milwaukee Dry Cleaning, we have chemical agents, equipment and experience superior to any household solution you might try. Don't take chances with your garments - take them to MARTINIZING instead.

Visit the Martinizing dry cleaning FAQ page for a wealth of information about cleaning, storing, and maintaining your clothing, so it looks like new for as long as possible. No other Waukesha or Milwaukee dry cleaner goes as far as Martinizing to make sure you get the most possible mileage from your clothing.

While professional dry cleaning may seem like an unnecessary expense, what you save in wear and tear on your clothing makes dry cleaning from Martinizing easily pay for itself. Your wardrobe is an investment. Make your investment pay dividends for as long as possible by educating yourself about proper clothing care, and contact Martinizing Milwaukee dry cleaners with any questions you have about proper garment cleaning, stain removal, and storage.

Don't forget to sign up for bi-monthly dry cleaning coupons for Milwaukee and Waukesha area. Preserving your clothing for less, free dry cleaning pick-up/delivery, and other value added services make Martinizing Cleaners the clear choice for all dry cleaning and clothing restoration services in Milwaukee.