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Laundry Services
For Schools and Colleges


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Southeast Wisconsin Campus Laundry Service Caters to 
Boarding Schools, Colleges and Universities

Martinizing Cleaners now offers Wisconsin campus laundry service for boarding schools, local colleges and universities. Our college laundry service provides a wide range of benefits for students including, but not limited to:

  • More free time
  • Waiting in line for machines eliminated
  • Back-and-forth trips to check on machine availability eliminated
  • Washing, drying and folding clothes eliminated
  • Professional appearance and personal hygiene
  • Clean smelling clothes
  • Wrinkle-free clothing
  • Secured laundry
  • Risk of stolen laundry eliminated
  • Machine hijacking eliminated
  • Safety
  • Eliminates the need to go off-campus to use a local laundry mat, which can be a serious safety issue, particularly at night
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Milwaukee Dry Cleaners Employ Safe and 
Professional Laundry Cleaning Methods

Martinizing is an industry expert, meaning we always use safe and professional laundry cleaning methods. When you sign-up for our Wisconsin campus laundry service you can rest assured:

  • All laundry is tagged, inventoried and returned
  • Laundry is properly sorted
  • Laundry items are inspected individually for complete dryness
  • Laundry is promptly removed from dryers and hung or professionally folded to reduce wrinkling
  • Folded laundry is carefully secured and returned in provided laundry bag
  • Hypoallergenic formulas available for those with sensitive skin, just ask!

Our Milwaukee Martinizing professionals take meticulous care in washing, drying and folding your laundry (including towels and bedding), so you don't have to. The convenience of our Wisconsin college laundry service is simply unparalleled. Use our campus laundry service and make more time for the things you actually want to do at college!

Wisconsin Campus Laundry Service 
For Busy College Students

When you sign-up for our Wisconsin campus laundry service you'll be provided with an easy-to-carry laundry bag. This eco-friendly reusable laundry bag is expandable to accommodate large loads and collapsible for compact storage. Our bag also includes special straps to keep returned laundry in-tact and organized.

Whether you hate doing laundry, have never quite gotten the hang of it or you just don't have time for it, turn to our Milwaukee Martinizing professionals. We professionally wash, dry, fold and re-pack your laundry, so all you have to do is put it where you want it. Your time at college is too short to spend dealing with the hassles of doing laundry. Take a "load" off when you sign-up for our Wisconsin college laundry service.

Martinizing provides free laundry pickup and delivery. The scheduled dates for campus laundry pickup and delivery will be determined by each individual educational institute.

Preparing to graduate college in the next year or two? Don't worry; we'll be here after you graduate to continue serving your personal laundry service needs.

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Sign-up for our Wisconsin college laundry service below or contact our Milwaukee dry cleaners for questions on this service or on any of our other services.